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DescriptionRecords of the Irish Countrywomen's Association date from 1911. Many of these early records have not as yet been catalogued. There are approximately 700 boxes of material for the entire collection.

B3/ 1 January - February 1981, c7 pages. Guide Dogs for the Blind. Letter asking for list of ICA guilds.
Pamphlet - 'Freedom with a guide dog'. Letters on meeting - Dundalk and Dublin.

B3/ 2 August 1976 - November 1982, c17 pages. Glencree Centre for Reconciliation. Free loan scheme / Need money / Fund-raising. Community Development as a political priority. Workshop.
Glencree Booklet.

B3/ 3 October 1975, c3 pages. General Council of Committees of Agriculture. Letter regarding interview for the post of Deputy Chief Agricultural. Officer.

B3/ 4 31 March 1980 - July 1981, c18 pages. Grattan Bureau. Letters regarding word processing and co-receivership.

B3/ 5 September - October 1980, c317 pages. Guild Survey of Questionnaire. 308 do not own their own premises / 9 do.

B3/ 6 1979 - October 1980, c114 pages. Health Education Bureau and Health Education Bureau Project 1980. Booklet - 'Your Good Health' - lecture 1979. Booklet, list of participants in Health Education Bureau 1st annual conference. AIMS Association for improvement in the maternity services
newsletter on questionnaire on maternity services. Health Education Project, self breast examination.
Foundation for prevention of childhood handicaps.

B3/ 7 December 1981 - December 1984, c30 pages. Health Education Bureau (from 1980) ICA correspondence on booklet on infectious childhood diseases, 'Book of the Child', information on breastfeeding your baby. National training conference, Killarney 1982, Mrs Cawley to represent ICA at the 12th International Conference on Health Education (1985). List of speakers (Health Education / Drug Education). Voluntary organisations and Health Education Bureau general meeting, questionnaire.

B3/ 8 September 1977 - March 1981, c16 pages. ISPCA newsletter, 1977. Stray dog problem. Old donkey home in Richard Martin Restfields.

B3/ 9 1974 - 1983, c10 pages. ISPCC not in position to make a financial contribution. List of contributors (1974) to ISPCC. Letter explaining why ICA cannot contribute. Letter regarding stall at October Fair.

B3/ 10 1979 - 1980, c17 pages. World Organisation of Early Childhood Education Seminar - Year of the Child 1979. Entry form - poetry competition. Change date for return of questionnaire. Early childhood education seminar. International Year of the Child report, nos. 10, 11.

B3/ 11 6 January 1977 - 27 June 1983, c11 pages. Irish Cancer Society to Inform and Educate Public on Illness. Irish Cancer Society requests lists of guilds, secretaries and membership. ICA advise contacting Federation Presidents. Letters of invitation to Federation of Women's Institute of Northern Ireland to International Week at An Grianan. Irish Cancer Society again requesting lists of guild secretaries' names. Federation presidents will contact Irish Cancer Society if members are interested

B3/ 12 25 July - 19 September 1978, c8 pages. Mrs Grace Slattery Launched the Irish Kidney Association. Pamphlet - 'Give the Gift of Living' on kidney disease, dialysis, etc. Application form for membership of Irish Kidney Association. Letter from Irish Kidney Association on press conference (4 August 1978). List of team members for Portsmouth Transplant Olympics - 1978. Concise history of Irish Kidney Association. Report from Grace Slattery on meeting she attended 4 August 1978. Launch of Irish Kidney Association. Letter of thanks from ICA to Grace Slattery for the report.

B3/ 13 14 October 1981 - 12 October 1984, c21 pages. Irish milking machines and solid fuel cookers with integral boilers. Draft specification 'Toxicity of Pencils and Graphic Instruments' from IIRS. Letter from IIRS on draft Irish standard for solid fuel cookers with integral boilers. Letter from IIRS on 'Flammability requirements for upholstery for uses in places of Public Assembly'. Letter from IIRS regarding revoking standard specifications on IS 29 : 1953, 'Irish Homespun Tweed' and also IS 30 : 1953, 'Irish Hand-woven Tweed'. Draft Irish Standard for glass honey jars; approval note from ICA. Letter from IIRS on draft Irish Standard for milking machine installations; approval letter from ICA. Letter on 'Coal Classification Scheme'. Letter on 'Portable Fire Extinguishers'.

B3/ 14 25 March - 16 August 1974, c23 pages. Mary Kingston Memorial Scholarship. Letter on the lodgement of œ300 plus interest at disposal of West Cork regional ICA for memorial to Mary B Kingston.
Newspaper cutting 'An Appreciation - Miss Mary Bridget Kingston'. Enquires regarding the fund where money came from, etc. Letter from TD Burke, Commissioner for Oaths regarding the fund (husband of Mary Burke, chairman of West Cork ICA). Various correspondence regarding money, how funds were raised, etc. Interest on money to be used for 2 scholarships to An Grianan, but only for members from West Cork region.

B3/ 15 15 July 1980 - January 1981, c36 pages. Scheme: Civil Legal Aid and Advice / reports on meeting 'Law for All'. ICA opposed to new legal aid scheme. Petition 'Ask the Minister for Justice to replace the proposed civil legal aid scheme by the terms of the full Pringle Report from "Law for All"'
Letter to Gerard Collins TD, Minister for Justice regarding ICA opposition to scheme; submission outlining reasons; reply. Proposals agreed at 'Law for All' meeting, press statement. Report of 'Law for All' meeting by Mary Meagher (July 1980 and November 1980). Letter from the Law Society regarding a symposium on The Family and the Law. Press statement from 'Law for All. Information on the legal aid board. 1 copy of FLAC file (Free Legal Advice Centre) December / January 1981. Reports on meetings of 'Law for All' (6 December 1980; 17 January 1981) for executive committee meeting on 25 March 1981. Amendments to Civil Legal Aid and Advice Scheme.

B3/ 16 17 April 1979 - 27 May 1981, c7 pages. National Council for Blind of Ireland, information on 'Wireless for the Blind' sale (16 October 1979). Council not going ahead with exhibition of work by the handicapped.

B3/ 17 12 September 1980 - 18 October 1983, c14 pages. National Social Service Board Information System. National seminar 'The elderly in our Community' - invitation. Information from NSS Council on maternity allowance, disability benefit and earnings, free fuel schemes. Course for Effective Instructional Skills (12-16 October 1981) - course cancelled. Information regarding Kit Ahern from NSS Board. NSSB republishing directory and changes from ICA for their entry.

B3/ 18 17 June - 9 November 1982, c 34 pages. James O'Keeffe Memorial Institute - Agricultural Training Centre. James O'Keeffe Memorial Project report (27 March 1982). Information on Newmarket House Development. Report from James O'Keeffe Memorial Project meeting (11 December 1981). Invitation to ICA by Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association to a meeting. List of working committee (1982) of James O'Keeffe Memorial Institute. Brochure of James O'Keeffe Memorial Institute. Letter to Mamo McDonald requesting her to act as a patron of James O'Keeffe Memorial Institute; Reply: yes she will become a patron.

B3/ 19 30 June 1983 - October 1984, c42 pages. NYC International Youth Year (Youth Week held at An Grianan 13-16 April 1982). Invitations by Foroige NY Development Organisation to National citizenship Award 1983. Youth Week agenda, programme (24 April 1981); Youth Week cancelled. Youth Week 13-16 April 1982 - general correspondence. Replies to invitations to speak at Youth Week 1 copy of 'Summer Opportunities'. Letter from Bertie Ahern TD, Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach. Irish Youth Directory - ICA order 2 additional copies. 1985 Pamphlet 'Lets Make a Move'
NYC - women's issues sub-committee. 1 copy of Foroige Newsletter (September / October 1984).
Annual Report of NYC 1983 - 1984 (with 1983 accounts).
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Date1974-1984; 1911; 1953; 1985
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