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Letter, Dear Mr Edgeworth dated 27 September 1894 from the District Lunatic Asylum, Mullingar, responding to a request for information on asylums in Ireland. Also notes the level of medical staff in the asylum in Mullingar.

Letter, Dear Mr Edgeworth dated 28 October 1894 from the District Lunatic Asylum Mullingar thanking him for the return of 'Burdetts'.

Letter from Maria Edgeworth Friday, Dec 10 (?) to My Dear Miss Powell relating to money.

Note from Maria Edgeworth 2 Sept 1839 asking Mr Drummond to pass the enclosed to Mr Wilson.

Letter addressed to Lady Aberdeen from the Earl of Longford, Pakenham Hall, Castlepollard, 3 March, 1891, unable to accept an invitation to dinner.

Maria Edgeworth to (sir David) Brewater, 28 March 1828, Edgeworthstown, a message of thanks from herself and her mother for the help Brewster had give to her brother. On the reverse is a letter signed by her brother to the same, M Pakenham Edgeworth.

Fragment of a letter from Maria Edgeworth 'Direct to Edgeworthstown when you write - I am in good health - so watched over and petted and tended by my Dr Harriet', no date, possibly to Mrs Gaskell.

Letter from Maria Edgeworth, Edgeworthstown, 18 February 1827 to Sir Francis B. Head (Lieut. Governor of Upper Canada 1835-1837, author of 'Rough Notes of Journeys in the Pampas and Andes' (1827)) I take the privilege of an old literary lady', to praise his 'ROUGH sketches'.

Fragment of a letter, one page, from Maria Edgeworth, no date.

Also other letters in the file, for example, a letter from Maria Edgeworth, Edgeworthstown, 3 December 1824, to a Warburton about reading proofs and giving her advice, thanking him'. The only thing I regret is that you have effaced the tribute to Wollaston and to yourself'.

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