There are approximately 370 box files and folders of material in this archive. There are typed lists available for some of the papers. They include lists for the following:

1) The letters and correspondence of the Most Rev. George Conroy, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, 1871-1878

2) Index to the letters and correspondence of the Most Rev. Bartholomew Woodlock, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, 1879-1895

3) The letters and correspondence of the Most Rev. John Kilduff, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise 1853-1867

4) The letters and correspondence of the Most Rev. N. McCabe, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, 1868-1870.

The material in the following boxes is uncatalogued.
Box marked, 1 Woodlock, La Sainte Union Convents, Athlone and Banagher c,1880-1888: includes La Sainte Union, Athlone 1887-1894, visitation records, accounts, and correspondence, c.10 sheets; La Sainte Union, Banagher c.1879-1892 about 55 letters, mainly in French.

Box marked, 2 Woodlock, Convents of Mercy, Moate and Athlone Workhouse: includes cuttings from the newspaper relating to nuns and workhouses; file marked Moate nuns and Athlone workhouse hospital, c.1888, 7 letters; file marked Correspondence from Convent of Mercy, Moate c.1873-1892, 16 letters and visitation records also c16 sheets relating to the same convent for 1879-1894; file marked Convent of Mercy Moate, Orphanage and Industrial School about the case of the Geraghty children, 4 letters including a statement, 1879.

Box marked, Woodlock, Convents of Mercy, Granard, Mohill: includes file marked Convent of Mercy, Granard which includes correspondence, c.21 letters and visitation records and accounts c.1882-1891 with 7 letters from the Presentation Convent in Granard 1881; file 2 marked Mohill, 12 letters including visitation records and information relating to the establishment of the Mercy Convent in Mohill, c.1885-1894.

Box marked, Woodlock, Convents of Mercy, Ballymahon, Longford: includes file marked Convent of Mercy Ballymahon, c.34 items, including correspondence and visitation records c.1879-1893; file marked Convent of Mercy Longford c.50 items, correspondence and visitation records c.1879-1894.

Box marked, Woodlock, Convent of Mercy, Newtownforbes and industrial school: includes a file marked Convent of Mercy Newtownforbes, 156 items, correspondence, visitation records c.1880-1894; file marked Convent of Mercy Newtownforbes, 34 items c.1880-1894 financial accounts, visitation records and correspondence.

Box marked, Woodlock, Education/ Convents: includes a file marked Marist Convent Carrick-on-Shannon 1880-1893, c.59 items; file marked Franciscan Convents Drumshambo c.1881-1893 c.89 items and a manuscript 'The Rule of Penance for the Seraphic Fathers of Francis', includes 'General Constitutions of the Cloistered Nuns of the Perpetual Adoration of the Third Order of Penance of St Francis of Strict Observance'.

Box marked, Woodlock, Correspondence with Convents outside the diocese: includes c.37 items with letters from M. Frances Cusack 16 March 18800, printed notes relating to the Emigrants' Aid and Protection Society June 1881 signed by Sr M. Frances Clare and a further two letters from Cusack dated June 1881. Other correspondence from the Sisters of Charity Ballagherdeen, 1881, the Mercy Convent, Mallow, 1884, the Mercy Convent Carlow, 1884, Sisters of Charity, 1884, High Park Convent, 4 July 1889, Sisters of Charity, Foxford 29 November 1891 from Sr Morogh Bernard about the Foxford Woollen Mills.

Box marked, Woodlock, Education National Schools INTO, Industrial Schools; includes a file marked Industrial Schools c.25 items covering boys and girls 1883-1893.

Box marked, Woodlock, Institutions under Poor Law Acts for the Insane, Blind, Deaf Orphans, Wards of Court, etc.: includes a file marked Mullingar Asylum and local appointments, 11 items c.1885-1890; file marked Correspondence and letters re Mullingar District Asylum c.1882-1893 c.60 items, some printed and includes a printed annual report of the Mullingar District Lunatic Asylum for 1889; file marked Other Institutions, 12 items, c.1882-1891 includes St Mary's Asylum for the Female Blind under the Sisters of Charity in Dublin, printed flyers and some correspondence. Drummond Institution for Orphan Daughters of Soldiers, St Patrick's Institution, Belmont Park Waterford, letter and printed description May 1888.

Box marked, Woodlock, Orphans: includes a file marked The Twaddles, Mary Ward, Robert Doyle, Byrne Children c1884-1893, c30 items.

Box marked, Hoare, Convents in General 1912-1924: includes 13 loose letters; file containing c.25 items in manuscript and typescript. For instance there are a number of letters from the Loreto Convent in Wexford.

Box marked, Woodlock, Correspondence re the relief of distressed areas 1880-: includes correspondence from parishes, and some material on the Mansion House Relief committee from January-July 1880 and requests for relief from various parts of the diocese.

Box marked, Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, Charlton Charity Meetings, 1895-1934: includes a minute book of the Charlton Charity 5 May 1896-10 December 1934, contains the names of those assisted, many were women.

Box marked Hoare: Convents of Granard, Newtownforbes, Mohill: contains a number of loose letters dating between 1896 and 1919 and a number of files.

File 1: Granard convent has 8 items on the Mercy convent c.1909-1930, includes notes on visitation and building extensions;

File 2: Newtownforbes Convent has c.16 items dating between 1900-1930 on internal convent life;

File 3: Granard convent 1913-1926 has c.22 items on the convent;

File 4: Mohill convent, has 8 items on the convent of Mercy dating between c.1923-1930;

File 5: Mohill convent 1922-1924 has c.24 items on the convent of Mercy which includes correspondence and lists of Sisters in the community;

File 6: Newtownforbes convent 1913-1925 has c.83 items on the Mercy convent, which includes correspondence and also includes a manuscript dietary drawn up by the medical attendant for the industrial school children [war time conditions prevailing].

Box marked, Convent of Mercy Industrial School and Orphanage, Moate contains 5 loose letters dating between 1924 and 1933 and a number of files:

File 1: Moate convent, c.24 items, 1923-1924, relating to the convent of Mercy includes correspondence and lists of nuns;

File 2: Moate convent, c.29 items dating from 1895-1927 includes typed letters, an account of a dispute over a dowry dated 5 April 1909.

Box marked Hoare, convents: Ballymahon contains a number of files and includes:
File 1: Ballymahon convent, c.13 items, relating to the convent of Mercy and dating between 1923 and 1930, correspondence and lists of nuns;
File 2 Ballymahon 1905-1924 contains c.24 items, including correspondence about a girls' school, other correspondence deals with Sisters in the workhouse hospital.

Box marked Drumshambo convent of Perpetual Adoration contains:
File 1: Drumshambo convent, c.47 items dating between c.1898-1928, much of the correspondence relates to the Grattan estate, the deeds of which came to the convent through the late Miss Marion Grattan;
File 2: Drumshambo convent includes correspondence c.58 items dating between c.1867-1869, many undated;
File 3: Drumshambo convent, 15 items, 1923-1930, correspondence.

Box marked Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Drumshambo contains File 3: Drumshambo convent, 1900-1933, c.137 items, including finance, correspondence, lists, property details.

Box marked Convent of Mercy, Longford includes:
File 1: Longford convent, 13 items, c.1922-1930, includes correspondence, exam results;
File 2: Edgeworthstown 1 page letter to the bishop about setting up a Sodality of the Children of Mary, 1925;
File 3: Longford convent c.75 items, 1913-1924 includes correspondence and lists, also correspondence relating to the nuns as nurses in the County Home.

Box marked Convent of Mercy, Edgeworthstown and Our Lady's Manor Nursing Home includes a number of loose pages relating to stocks, File: Edgeworthstown containing 6 items c.1896-1924 includes correspondence and details of finances.

Box marked Marist Convent, Carrick-on-Shannon includes:

File 1: Marist Convent Carrick-on-Shannon, 23 items, c.1896-1924, correspondence, finances, building work and lists of nuns;

File 2: Carrick-on-Shannon convent, 7 items with exam results lists (1922?), lists of the Sisters in the convent.

Box marked Bishop Hoare, Convent of Athlone, Banagher, Ferbane contains loose letters 1920-1950 and

File 1: Banagher convent, 7 items, correspondence and lists c.1922-1924;

File 2: Bishop McCabe Banagher convent contains a small envelope with correspondence, 11 items, 1869, most undated;

File 3: Ferbane convent contains 21 items c1922-1924 with lists of exam results for Christian Doctrine 1922, correspondence on novices, professions, lists of nuns.

File 4: Bower, Athlone contains 5 items, 1923, some in French, general correspondence;

File 5: Ferbane Convent, printed copy of the Constitutions of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny (1924) in French, 41 items, many in French, correspondence c.1913-1927 includes lists of Sisters, tension in the community c.1917.

File 6: Convents of Athlone and Banagher contains 33 items c.1913-1927 and includes correspondence and lists of Sisters, financial details and a number of visitation records.

Box marked Convent of Mercy attempted amalgamation 1910-1928 includes loose pages relating to nuns as teachers and

File 1: attempt at amalgamation 1910-1928 contains about 40 items, many large documents, some in Latin with printed guidance from Rome, lists of Mercy convents, envelopes with the voting papers of Sisters and minutes of meetings.

Box marked Bishop Hoare Convents in General 1912-1924 includes:

File 1: Convents, Diocesan, General, lists of exam results, c.27 items, 1910-1917;

File 2: General includes c.25 items 1912-1930 with a number of letters from the Loreto convent in Wexford, correspondence about nuns who attend summer schools, leaflet from the Dominican Convent, Eccles Street, Dublin about a summer course for nuns as teachers. Also includes marksheets, with comments, on the 'Nuns' examination', 1915.
Another file which contains c.65 items 1912-1924 which has many items on education, lists of nuns and printed material relating to education, and various correspondence on the training of nuns as teachers.

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Date1853-1870; 1871-1950
Century19th, 20th
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CommentConsultation of material by appointment only. The information listed from this repository has been extracted from some lists available in the archive. Where no lists existed staff of the Women's History Project constructed, in the late 1990s, an outline list of the material. Due to time constraints, not all items in this repository were examined individually. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Fr Michael Bannon.