DescriptionOnly a small portion of the material is listed. The contents of the archive are currently being organised.
The material dates from 1609 to the present. There are approximately 100 boxes of material that contain material to 1960. Together with these boxes of material there are approximately 150 bundles of papers that have been gathered together for listing. There is a closure period of 40 years and material from the 1960s onwards has not been examined.

Box marked 1865-1869 includes:
20 April 1865 Dispensation for marriage of Hazleton and Ryan.

26 April Pre-marriage promises of William Hazleton who is about to contract a lawful marriage with Bridget Rose Ryan of Trinity Within.

10 December 1866 Dr O'Brien to Fr Power concerning a marriage dispensation for parties not named.

5 March 1866 Will of Anne O'Meara of John Street Waterford.

22 July 1867 Fee Farm Grant Thomas Morton Duckett to Mrs Anne Hearn, widow.

19 September 1867 Memorandum of agreement between Anne Hearn, widow of Clonmel and Edward Smith, receiver of the Constabulary Force of Ireland.

7 May 1868 i) statement of the Inspector General about the increased rents of Constabulary barracks transmitted to Mrs A Hearn, Clonmel for her information.
ii) plan and elevation of Clonmel Barracks and the list of costs of new defences.
iii) correspondence regarding same from Kennan and Sons, Dublin.
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