DescriptionBundle marked: Dr Kinane:
Letter from the Irish National Teachers' Organisation about the re-deployment of teachers who lose their positions due to a fall in averages, September 1934.

Statistics regarding National Schools taught by religious, June 1935

Bundle marked: Documents/Dr Sheehan/ Dr Hackett/ Dr Kinane:
Copy of a letter sent to the Bishop regarding the erection of a college for training nuns as Primary School teachers, 5 January 1934.

Bundle marked: Bishop Sheehan:
Memorandum on the training of nuns as Primary School teachers in Primary Schools, 1913.

Bundle marked: Dr Daniel Cahalan, 1943 to 1965:
Letter from the Nuncio on religious nurses joining the International Catholic Committee of Nurses, 11 July 1956.

Letter and directions about the Marian year, 3 December 1953.

Exhortation to Reverend Mothers by Pope Pius XII, received 19 February 1954.
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