DescriptionBundle marked: Religious Congregations:
Communication regarding the Mercy nuns in Ardmore and the house bequeathed to the nuns, 1922 and 1933.

Copy of a memorandum regarding the Cahir convent and their financial situation, January 1908.

Memorandum regarding the establishment of a House of Studies at Ring, Ursulines, October 1933.

Regulations to be observed in the convent schools, Dungarvan, 16 April 1908.

Bundle marked: Religious Institutes:
Data for confessors for religious, 1937 to 1960.

Procedure to be followed regarding the admittance of novices to profession.

Bundle marked: Conference on the system of inspection in National Schools 31 January 1956 to 1 February 1956.

Bundle marked: Dr Cahalan:

Letter from Dr Kinane regarding foundation to the African Mission Sisters, 1949.

Letter and data from Catholic Women's Federation of Secondary Schools Union, 1955.
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