CollectionKilmainham Papers
DescriptionSee Ms2741, Pr‚cis by Captain N C Harrington of the 'Kilmainham Papers', typescript.

See Ms1389, Kilmainham papers, volume 389: summary guide (photostat) to volumes 1-377 of the Kilmainham papers (Mss1001-1377).

There are a number of references to women throughout these papers. See for example,

Ms1054, page 290, Letter from Col. More, 6th Dragoons .. 1847 stating that the barracks at Newbridge is 'infested with prostitutes, who climb over the barracks wall and begging the opinion of the law as to how they might be punished'.

Ms1069, page 313, 'April 1878 - at present the prostitutes are scattered about, some residing in a lane near the Curragh in the direction of Kilcullen. These frequent the edge of the Curragh at Athgarvan and are a great source of annoyance as they remain on the roads and give money to the soldiers to purchase spirits for them..'.

Ms1060, page 4, A letter from Sir Thomas Larcom, 8 April 1867 noting that the Lord Lieutenant has ascertained the use of the barracks at Athy as a Lock Hospital would be very much objected to by the inhabitants of that town.
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