Original minute books of the Royal Dublin Society are available from June 1731 to 1928, with exceptions. The Royal Dublin Society had a number of sub committees which kept their own minutes, among these are the Committee of Fine Arts Minute Books 1816 to 1889 and the Committee of Industries, Art and General Purposes Minute Books 1890 to 1917. The Society offered premiums for lace making. For example, in 1744 premiums were granted to 'Anne Casey, "Black Horse", Plunket street, £10 for bone lace; Elizabeth Roberts, Lazer's hill, £5. Anne Page, Castle street, £10 for best imitation Brussels lace'. These details are to be found in the minute books but extracts from these minute books are available in Henry F. Berry, 'A History of the Royal Dublin Society' (London, 1915). Lady Arbella Denny was elected an honorary member of the Society and is mentioned frequently in the minute books. In 1769 the Society selected fifteen 'ladies' to act as patronesses to the Hibernian Silk and Woollen Warehouses, these included Lady Louisa Conolly, Lady Drogheda, Lady Clanwilliam and Lady Arbella Denny. Among the women who won the Taylor Art Prize were Mainie Jellett, and Evie Hone. Mary Hutton was the first lady Council member, Professor Dervilla Donnelly was the first Lady President and Muriel Gahan was the first lady Vice-President. Professor Phyllis Clinch is the only female to be awarded the Boyle Medal for Scientific Excellence (an award administered by the Royal Dublin Society). The first premium ever awarded by the Society was to Susanna Drury for two drawings of the Giant's Causway. Among the Taylor Art recipients were Melanie Le Broquy, Beatrice Elvery (Lady Glenavy), Mary Swanzy, Kathleen Bridle and Lucie Charles.

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