Box listing for archival materials:

Early Years of Catherine McAuley , 1770-1822

McAuley Relatives,1777-1831

George's Hill, 1830-1831

Letters of Catherine McAuley (Originals), 1827-1841

Letters of Catherine McAuley (Copies), 1835-1841

Study of the Virtues (Different Sources), 1841-1844

The Life of Catherine McAuley (Various Sources), 1847-1936

Notes from Father MacErlean and others, 1822-1841

Poems and letters, 1828-1850

Thoughts, Practical Sayings and Reflections, 1830-1831

Instructions of Rev. Mother Catherine McAuley, 1832

Original Rule, 1835

Memoirs of Early Sisters, 1840-1860

Published Biographies of Catherine McAuley

Mercy: Foundation/History/Reminiscences/Photographs/ 1822-1951

Baggot Street estimate and building, 1824 -

Sisters of Mercy Rules and Constitutions, 1837-

Guides for Sisters of Mercy, 1860 -

Books for Ceremonies of Reception and Profession, 1840-1894

Reception Meditation/Instructions, 1840-1869

Retreats before Profession, 1845-1860

Lectures: Prayers/Vows/Eucharist/Religious Life/Profession/Reception/Examen, 1840-1940

Instructions for Novices/Renewal of vows

Catechism of the Vows, 1926

Directory for Novices, 1890-1950

Duties and Advice on/for Aspirants/Mistress of Novices/Visitation/Spiritual Matters, 1840-1950

Reception: Meditations/Instructions, 1900

Legal: Wills/Deeds/Bonds, 1822

Finance: Stocks/Renovations estimates/Costs/Plans/Court Costs, 1832-1860

Approval from Rome: regarding Congregation Roman Documents, 1835-1840

Register of Sisters by Sister M. Clare Augustine Moore, 1808-1880

Notebooks: Sister Cecilia Marmion, 1843-1845

Music Choir Book [?]

Books used by Sisters of Mercy, 1831-1959

Sister M. Clare Augustine Moore Examples of her art, [?]

Missionaries, Baggot Street

Books written by S.M. Clare Agnes and Sister Francis Marmion

Chaplaincy difficulties, 1838-1849

Accounts, 1845-1867

Foundations from Baggot Street, 1842-1849

Irish Foundations, 1837-1970

Sister of Mercy Great Britain, 1839-1983

Newfoundland, 1842-1992

Australia, 1846-1996

USA, 1843-

Sisters of Mercy Pittsburgh, 1843-1992

1. Australian papers, 1845-1849
2. Superiors of Foundations, 1831-1864
3. Original letters from Early Sisters, 1855-1947

Notes/articles relating to Catherine McAuley, 1837-1947

Bishops/Cardinals, 1840-1850

Priests Correspondence, 1811-1867

Father MacErlean's Collection, 1754-1950

Letters from Bishops, 1830-1868

Letters from Laity, 1870

Crimean War, 1854-1856

Father MacErlean's research:
The Cause, 1830-1859
Chaplaincy Matters
Foundation and Founding Sisters

Heritage Room:
Decorated books from Sister M. Clare Augustine Moore (1808-1880)
Sister Cecilia Marmion ( ? - 1849)
Touch-screen computer with 34,000+ records of women who were first
Professed as Sisters of Mercy.
Binder copies of biographical information of women who were first
Professed as Sisters of Mercy
Artefacts/pictures/stories on the history of the Sisters of Mercy in the early
Years of the Community

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Century18th, 19th, 20th
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Address64A Baggot Street Lower Dublin 2
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CommentThe material listed was provided by Sr Eleanor Little. We are grateful for her assistance.

Mercy International Centre is a privately owned and operated Heritage Museum and Archive. The Archive contains the early history of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy from the late 1700s to 1870.