CollectionDeed Boxes, Miscellaneous, New Shelf Head Lists
ReferenceDeed Box XIII
DescriptionElizabeth Beale married to William Beale, merchant of Dunganon, County Tyrone, signatory, as widow, to renewal of lease, Provincial School, Mountmellick, 1821.

Janet Curwen, 35 Molesworth Street, Dublin wife of Isaac Curwen:
Folder 2.4 Executrix of her husband's will, 1855.
Folder 2.7 Common search against above, negative, 1851-1861.
Folder 2.8 Signatory to sale of her interest in 35 Moleworth Street, 1861.
Folder 2.11 Signed receipt from above for fixtures and fittings of above.

Folder 12.2 Elizabeth Dawson, Dublin, wife of John Dawson. Extracts of her will, 4 November 1808, with bequest to school at Mountmellick.
Folder 12.3 High Court Order vesting annuity bequeathed by above in trustees, 1896.
Folder 12.4 Affidavit relating to will of above, no date.

Folder 5.5 Anna Hutchinson, portion of will,1857.

Folder 8.15 Maria O'Neill, signatory to deed for assignment, 1828, regarding will of Jane Wood.

Folder 8.19 Receipts signed by Maria O'Neill as annotated, 1829-1835.

Folder 1.3 Elizabeth Pim Fayle, died 1914, Merdon, Dalkey, Deed Box XIII.

Folder 1.3 Copy of will, 1909 and probate 1914.

Folder 1.8-10 Enid Ethel Pim, Foxrock, County Dublin, letters for administration, 1934, for England, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Folder 1.5 Sarah Helena Pim, 3 Florence Terrace, Bray.

Folder 1.6 Copy of will, 1922 and probate, 1926.

Folder 1.7 Susanna Pim, copy of will, 1927, with codicils probate, 1950.

Folder 5.4 Sarah Purdon, fee farm grant to Mountmellick School, 1857 and 1856.

Folder 3.1 Alice Russell nee Coates, wife of Samuel Russell, Hodgestown, County Kildare. Reference to marriage articles in renewal of lease, Hodgestown,1790.

Folder 5.3 Mary Thaker, nee Malone, signatory to assignment of her interest in 'Bank Stock' to Mountmellick School, 1832.

Folder 8.15 Mary Thaker, nee Malone, signatory to assignment of her interest in 'Bank Stock' to Mountmellick School, 1828.

Folder 8.16 Receipts signed by her 1829-1832.

Folder 5.2 Jane Wood, Dublin copy of her will, 1827, containing bequest to Friends and the School at Mountmellick.

Folder 8 Details of administration of Jane Wood will, 1827-1836.

Folder 8.1 Mary Wood, statement of her death, no date.

Folder 8.15 Signatory to deed of assignment, 1828.
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Century19th, 20th
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