CollectionDeed Boxes, Miscellaneous, New Shelf Head Lists
ReferenceDeed Box XII
DescriptionFolder 1.4-1.6 Signatory to fee farm grant, Eustace Street, certified copy, 1853. Original counterpart ,1852.

Folder 10.3 Signatory to fee farm grant, 1852, 5 Eustace Street.

Folder 1.17 Selina Bell, Bellview, Abbeyleix, recipient of head rent, Eustace Street Meeting House. Letter in relation to 1853 and signed note of empowerment for Eustace Street rents, 1853.

Folder 9.3-4 Elizabeth Cope, wife of William Cope. Party to agreement regarding ten cottages and forty acres in Sycamore Alley, 1803. Signatory to conveyance in Sycamore Alley, 1804.

Folder 5.1 Certified copy of position of Elizabeth Dawson's will, no date.

Folder 7.5 Emoz, Elizabeth, wife of Walter Emoz, reference to a judgement relating to her husband's estate and Sycamore Street property, 1774.

Folder 5.5d-h Elizabeth Paul, nee Pooley, wife of Joshua, signatory to lease, Sycamore Alley, 1728,1737, 1748, 1756.

Folder 3.3 Elizabeth Read, Beneficiary under her husband's, William, will, 1789.

Folder 3.3 Mary Read of Exchequer Street and Whitefriar Street, Dublin, wife of William Read, Dublin Grocer.

Folder 3.2 Beneficiary of will of William, 1774.

Folder 3.5 Signatory to lease of Eagle Tavern, Eustace Street, 1787.

Folder 3.7 Original Will of Mary Read, widow, 1798 with codicil 1799.

Folder 4.21 Exchequer search against Mary Read, 1786-1800.

Folder 4.24 Chancery search against Mary Read, 1780-1810.
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Century18th, 19th
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