ReferencePortfolio 36A
DescriptionMiscellaneous Letters:
1 A Testimony of denial regarding Elizabeth Sproule to Dublin Monthly Meeting, signed by Joseph Bewley, 14 December 1830.

3 To Dublin Monthly Meeting from John Lecky consenting to the intentions of marriage between his daughter, Abigail Lecky with William Richard Elly, Cork, 9 December 1830.

6 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting from Mary Barrington wishing to be reunited in membership with the Society, 6 June 1830.

9 A letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting informing them that John Tolerton and Mary Curth intend to marry, October 1830.

10 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting from Anne Cook. Application of membership to the Society, 10 July 1830.

12 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting on behalf of Samuel Pim and Susannah Bewley regarding their intended marriage, Mountmellick, 3 August 1830.

13 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting respecting the children of Michael and Catherine Clarke for admission to the Provincial School, no date.

28 A testimony of disownments in respect of Susannah Scott, 16 March 1830.

30 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting from Mountmellick informing them that Susanna Manders was being issued with a testimony of disunion.

34 Women's Monthly Meeting, signed Mary Doyle, 13 December 1831.

35 Letter to the Monthly Men's Meeting of Dublin asking that they visit Sarah Boardman, December 1831.

38 Women's Monthly Meeting, signed Mary Doyle, 13 September 1831.

45 Testimony of disownment in the case of Anne Scott, signed Joseph Bewley, 12 July 1831.

46 Admission to the Provincial School for Sarah Scott, daughter of John and Elizabeth, 12 July 1831.

52 Letter to Joseph Bewley and Hugh White informing Dublin Monthly Meeting of the marriage between Joseph Robinson Pim and Anna Lecky, 8 April 1831.

53 Minute of Mountmellick Meeting, Sarah Paison's marriage with Joshua Abell, a notification to become a member of Dublin Monthly Meeting, 23 February 1831.

55 Proceedings at the Committee of Provincial School held at Mountmelick, 20 March 1831.

57 Letter from Samuel Elly to Joseph Bewley enclosing a burial note for Sarah Webb, 10 February 1831.

59 Letter to Dublin Monthly Meeting regarding the intention of marriage between Joseph R Pim and Abgail Lecky, 6 January 1831.

60 Application letter for membership from Anne Eliza Hanks, January 1831.

69 Letter from Mary Moss to Dublin Monthly Meeting, 21 March 1832.
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