CollectionIrish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
Collection DescriptionIncludes 12 boxes of correspondence containing files labelled with the correspondent's name and the date of the correspondence and including a list of contents. Includes: Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Missionaries' Correspondence, 1924-1936'. Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Home Correspondence, 1935-1945'. Box labelled '[Pastor F] Gracey correspondence, 1924-1934'. Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Missionaries' Correspondence, 1934-1945'.

A file of 22 letters to and from Nurse Sarah [Dotty] Sloan, mainly to and from Pastor F. Gracey, Cork, 1941-1943. For example:

A letter from Nurse Sarah Sloan in Ilave, Southern Peru to Pastor F. Gracey, in which she refers to the fact that her maternity work with the local population had caused problems, 'the Medical Titular (Dr. in charge of the district) objected to my working there, without holding my Peruvian diploma. ...By the grace of God all my patients gave birth and were again quickly restored to health. ...The day after I arrived back in Ilave, an official deputation came to wait upon me ...pleading with me to accept the official position of ''District Maternity Nurse'' with a salary of ten pounds a month...I refused with thanks knowing that it would be a detriment rather than a help to the cause of Christ', 14 February 1942.

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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository was extracted from lists available in the archives in the late 1990s. The lists were compiled by the Irish Baptist Historical Society and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

Formerly the Baptist Union of Ireland. In 2014, the Irish Baptist College in Moira transferred records relating to 10 Baptist churches to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.