CollectionIrish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
Collection DescriptionIncludes 12 boxes of correspondence containing files labelled with the correspondent's name and the date of the correspondence and including a list of contents. Includes: Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Missionaries' Correspondence, 1924-1936'. Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Home Correspondence, 1935-1945'. Box labelled '[Pastor F] Gracey correspondence, 1924-1934'. Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Missionaries' Correspondence, 1934-1945'.

Annual reports of the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission, 1928-1978. For example:

Annual Report for 1940 includes black and white photographs of Mrs Bennett, Mrs Creighton, Mrs Hosford, Mrs Reid and Mrs Harkins and a report on the work of Baptist missionaries in Peru where 'Mr. and Mrs. Creighton have had a difficult year short-handed and alone in the Sierra in endeavouring to keep our witnessing places open.' This report also contains information on the work of the Women's Auxiliary, which notes, 'In spite of the various difficulties caused by wartime conditions, the meetings of our W. M. A. [Women's Missionary Auxiliary] have continued regularly throughout the year. Times of real earnest prayer and Bible study have proved a blessing to many. In addition to the faithful prayer intercession on behalf of our work, the workers in Peru and Argentine, the needs of our nation and the men of our forces have not been forgotten. ...Practical work also has been undertaken and woollen comforts for the men of the fighting services have been knitted in several branches.'

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Century19th, 20th
Repository NameAssociation of Baptist Churches in Ireland
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository was extracted from lists available in the archives in the late 1990s. The lists were compiled by the Irish Baptist Historical Society and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

Formerly the Baptist Union of Ireland. In 2014, the Irish Baptist College in Moira transferred records relating to 10 Baptist churches to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.