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Collection DescriptionThe workhouse in Gorey was constructed on a seven acre site to the south-west of the town at a cost of £5,675 (with an additional £1,025 for fittings &c). Built to accommodate 500 persons, its first admissions took place on 22 January 1842. At the height of the famine in mid-1847, admissions had risen significantly to 715 inmates. The minutes of the weekly meetings of the Gorey Board of Guardians include statistical data on the weekly number of admissions, discharges, births and deaths. They also record the dietary provision of the paupers and brief reports from the Master and from the Visiting Committee. The Earl Grey assisted female emigration scheme (1848-50) will be of particular interest... In addition to each prospective female emigrant’s name, age and qualifications (i.e. their ability to read, write, spell, knit, sew, wash), the Gorey minutes include the length of time that each girl had been an inmate in the workhouse – this is particularly valuable given that the registers of admissions and registers of discharges for this union have not survived. The minute books for Gorey poor law union (1840-1919) are being digitised on a phased basis over a three-year period. [Wexford County Archive]
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Commissioners Letters/ Reports/ Circulars:

Commissioners Letters - 3 January 1848 - 29 December 1848

Commissioners Letters 11 December 1849 - 24 February 1873

Commissioners Letters 4 January 1853 - 3 April 1854

Commissioners Letters 11 January 1858 - 24 December 1861

Commissioners Reports 2 January 1864 - 30 December 1864


Gorey Union Letters 3 December 1910 - 10 April 1911

Gorey Union Letters - 2 Mach. 1915 - 17 July 1915

Gorey Union Letters - 2 January 1917 - 22 June 1917

Gorey Union Letters of Requisition Copies 7 April 1866 - 1897

Gorey Union Quarterly Meetings April 1899 - November 1924

Gorey (?) Miscellaneous Minutes 11 June 1910 - 2 August 1919

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