CollectionIrish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
Collection DescriptionIncludes 12 boxes of correspondence containing files labelled with the correspondent's name and the date of the correspondence and including a list of contents. Includes: Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Missionaries' Correspondence, 1924-1936'. Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Home Correspondence, 1935-1945'. Box labelled '[Pastor F] Gracey correspondence, 1924-1934'. Box labelled, 'I. B. F. M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] Missionaries' Correspondence, 1934-1945'.

A box containing the following minute books and material:

A bound handwritten minute book of the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission Women's Missionary Auxiliary, 23 November 1928-21 February 1941. The book includes the minutes of the inaugural meeting to consider the possibility of establishing a Women's Auxiliary in connection with the Irish Baptist Foreign Missions, 9 November 1928. Also included is a copy of a report sent to the General Committee of the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission, which states, 'At each meeting of the Committee reports are given of the progress of the ''I.B.F.M'' [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] cause in the various churches, and a season of prayer engaged in. These reports show that there has been a growing interest in the work of the I.B.F.M'' [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission], and sympathetic practical interest has been shown by the women's meetings in the churches. In many, times being set aside for definite prayer for the Missionary work, and talk of the news coming in from the Foreign Field -', November 1929; a copy of a report read at a public meeting which states, 'The Auxiliary has grown, we have three new branches added to our number during the past year - and all the reports...tell of blessing received, fellowship enjoyed, and a deeper interest taken in missionary work. In spite of the great trade-depression, and unemployment during the past year several of the branches have been able to contribute more to our I.B.F.M. [Irish Baptist Foreign Mission] than the previous year', no date, c.1931.

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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository was extracted from lists available in the archives in the late 1990s. The lists were compiled by the Irish Baptist Historical Society and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

Formerly the Baptist Union of Ireland. In 2014, the Irish Baptist College in Moira transferred records relating to 10 Baptist churches to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.