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Material relating to the Office of National Education, includes:

14 October 1915, draft letter of Most Reverend Dr O'Donnell to Mr Birrell -'At the meeting of the Bishops, on the 12th inst., in Maynooth, I submitted the additions you propose making to the Registration Council for Secondary Teachers. They would be, I said, one for University College, Dublin, one for University College, Cork, one for University College, Galway, one for the Recognized College of Maynooth, one for the Ulster Association of Secondary Teachers, one for the Nuns' Schools. That is six additions in all'. 'The Bishops appreciate you consideration in the matter and, while they do not of course mean to commit themselves in advance to every rule the Council may frame, they do not object to a Council constituted as above.'

Letter of Mr Birrell to Most Rev. Dr O'Donnell relating to representative of the Nuns' Schools on the Registration Council, 20 October 1915.

Draft letter of Most Reverend Dr O'Donnell to Mr Birrell relating to representative of Nuns' Schools on the Registration Council, 21 October 1915.

Mimeographed letter of Mother M. Gertrude, Loreto Abbey, Rathfarnham, Dublin, to Most Reverend Dr Browne, relating to Birrell Grant and position of lay teachers in Loreto Schools, 10 Mary 1916.

Letter of A.N. Bonaparte Wyse, Secretary, Office of National Education to Most Reverend Dr O'Donnell, forwarding extracts from the Inspector's General Report on St Columba's Convent National School, 28 November 1918.

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