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Collection DescriptionNote: (a)The Archive of His Eminence Cardinal Logue, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland from 1887- 1924, includes the period of Dr Logue's Episcopate in Raphoe, 1879-1887. (b) For the period 1888-1924 it may be necessary to consult the Archives of Cardinal O'Donnell and Cardinal MacRory.

There is a detailed calendar of Letters of His Eminence Card Logue Addressed to Most Rev. W.J. Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin available in the archives. The papers include, for example:

21 December 1898 (returns to subject) 'I know the sisters in Drogheda teach the little boys well and have no doubt would teach the bigger boys equally well. Hence I would not have so much objection to the rule being relaxed in their case to meet an exceptional need; but I still think if it were made general it would lead to serious inconvenience. There seems to be something special in the case of the Sisters of Charity. They were meant by St Vincent to be a Congregation of pious women living in the world. I theory they are so still. They go about without any restriction among the people. They are charged with orphanages of boys as often as with those of girls and in France look after the boys till they are almost full grown and apprenticed. It therefore appears to me that there is not the same objection to their having the charge of bigger boys as in the case of other Sisters - the spirit of whose institute is altogether opposed to it.'

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