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Collection DescriptionNote: (a)The Archive of His Eminence Cardinal Logue, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland from 1887- 1924, includes the period of Dr Logue's Episcopate in Raphoe, 1879-1887. (b) For the period 1888-1924 it may be necessary to consult the Archives of Cardinal O'Donnell and Cardinal MacRory.

There is a detailed calendar of Letters of His Eminence Card Logue Addressed to Most Rev. W.J. Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin available in the archives. The papers include, for example:

30 November 1906, 'I don't know whether your Grace has seen the report of a lady Inspector of factories on convent laundries. Dr Kelly sent me a copy and it is certainly a very bitter indictment of convents and everything connected with them. The lady and her deputies were admitted by courtesy into the convents and they have certainly poked their noses into everything, accusing the nuns of lying, covertly of sweating and of carrying on the work not for charity but for commercial advantage. They seem to have set out to make a law not for the supervision of laundries merely but for the inspection of convents. I see the government have promised legislation on the matter. Should it be coined it would be better for us to close up all convent laundries than to have those English lassies running amuck among our religious communities.'

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CommentThe information listed from this repository was extracted in the late 1990s from lists available in the archives. The lists were compiled by staff of Armagh Diocesan Archive and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.