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Collection DescriptionRay Rosenfield (RR) was a Queens University graduate in English, a Belfast journalist, and drama, art and literary critic. Judith, Ray’s older sister Judith, was a journalist with the Northern Whig. In local journalism the names of Judith Rosenfield and her sister Ray were well known for their contributions to the Northern Whig and Belfast Newsletter. They were accomplished art critics, reviewers, editors of a woman’s page, journalists, dramatists, columnists and writers. These two women who pioneered journalism as a career for women in Northern Ireland, had a warm and enduring relationship with Israel. Their papers at Queen’s University reveal their visits and charitable support for the fledgling state of Israel. [QUB Listing]
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The collection comprises clippings, other writings and miscellaneous material relating to Belfast journalists/critics (and sisters) Judith and Ray [Rachel] Rosenfield, including:

Cuttings book containing newspapers cuttings of articles and reviews by Queen's University graduate and Belfast journalist and drama, art and literary critic, Ray Rosenfield, 1976; 1978; 1981 and no date.

Scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings of articles and reviews by Ray Rosenfield, 1969; 1975;1976; 1977; 1978; 1979, with additional cuttings, no date. The scrapbook also includes a large black and white photograph of Miss Anne Tannahill of Blackstaff Press, Belfast, 1981.

Box file of letters and articles by Ray Rosenfield. The collection includes various theatre programmes for the Lyric Theatre, Belfast, 1968; 1995 and DobbleJoint Theatre Company, 1996 as well as the following:
A 7 page typescript article by Ray Rosenfield on Belfast playwright, Thomas Carnduff, with handwritten corrections, no date

A 38 page typescript by Ray Rosenfield entitled, 'Linen Begins in Courtrai. A Feature Programme for Broadcasting' which consists of a script with extracts from interviews regarding growing of flax in Belgium and mentioning the fact that flax production was seen as 'men's work. When women look for work they find something else to do. They may go into the textile factories...or into shops or offices but they never help process flax', no date

4 page handwritten manuscript by ?Ray Rosenfield, marked to 'GB' and giving Rosenfield's opinion on a manuscript by an unidentified female author entitled 'Shattered idols', no date

5 page typescript by Judith B Rosenfield entitled, 'It's New Year in Jewry', referring to the importance of the Jewish New Year, anti-Semitism and the Jewish past, no date

7 page typescript short story by Rachel B Field, possibly a pseudonym for Ray Rosenfield, entitled 'The Hat', no date and a 5 page typescript version of the same with handwritten corrections, no date

36 page booklet compiled by Sheelagh Boland entitled, 'WIZO of the Hundred Thousand Welcomes: A Short History of the Women's Zionist Movement in Ireland' tracing the formation and development of the Women's Zionist Society in Dublin in 1900 and in Belfast in 1902, also known as the Daughters of Zion, the establishment of the Women Zionist Educational Council in 1948 and the Women Zionist Regional Council of Ireland in 1949, no date, c1961

37 page typescript by Ani Kotevet, possibly a pseudonym for Ray Rosenfield entitled, 'The Jephthah Touch. A Play for Broadcasting', no date and a 39 page copy by Ray Rosenfield, no date

3 page typescript by Judith B Rosenfield entitled 'This Church is always full. Belfast Minister's Triumph' on Revd. Doctor A L Agnew of York Street Non-Subscribing Church, Belfast, no date

2 page typescript of a poem by Judith Rosenfield entitled 'Credere est Dulce', no date

55 page typescript by Ray Rosenfield entitled 'War in the Gulf' and comprising of her unproofed and uncorrected diary of the Gulf War while she was in Israel, 17 January-12 March 1991

25 page typescript, with handwritten corrections, possibly by Ray Rosenfield, entitled 'Illusion and Reality: The Jew in Fact and Fiction', no date

Typescript copies of c18 poems, possibly by Ray or Judith Rosenfield including for example, 'The Talisman', 'Foil', 'Flarepath', 'This face is naked' , 'Loyalty' and 'Joan', no date

Small volume of press cuttings belonging to Ray Rosenfield and containing newspapers articles by Rachel B Field, 1952, 1963 and Ray Rosenfield, 1952-1953. This book also contains a typescript copy of a talk by Ray Rosenfield entitled 'Housekeeping in Israel', transmitted on the Northern Ireland Home Service, 29 November 1952 and a 31 page typescript by Ray Rosenfield entitled 'Nachlat Belfast' and referring to the settlement in Israel, established to provide a home for Jewish refugees from European countries in 1946, written and narrated by Rosenfield and broadcast on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1953

Small volume of press cuttings containing newspaper articles and reviews by Ray Rosenfield, 1960-1976 and no date

Letter from Bernard Kessler, Hebrew University of Jerusalem to Miss Rosenfield referring to the Dinah May Rosenfield Scholarship in Medicine, 23 August 1976

13 page incomplete typescript, possibly by Ray Rosenfield entitled 'Nurse, Nurse', no date

6 page typescript by Ray Rosenfield entitled 'George Reavey. Poet and Translator of Poets', no date

13 page typescript by Rachel B Rosenfield entitled, 'The First Primrose', no date

Printed memory card for Judith Beatrice Rosenfield, 20 September 1981

Typed card with heading 'The Cedar Room' describing a portrait and the clothes of Lady Laura Lenox-Conyngham and petit point pictures held at Springhill House and embroidered by Jean Hamilton of Castle who married William Conyngham in 1763 and was a 'needlewomen of repute', no date.

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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted by the Women's History Project from lists available in the library. It must be remembered that due to time constraints, not all items in this repository were examined individually. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Mary Kelly, librarian.