CollectionBishop W. Coppinger
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Description1791.00/2/1792 Form in latin in which Bishop W Coppinger's request relating to the parish priest in Mitchelstown was presented
Letter from Bishop Coppinger which contains information about Reverend C Nagle, parish priest Mitchelstown, who has freely resigned his parish into Bishop Coppinger's hands because of old age; a school founded by Count and Countess of Kingsborough, chiefly for the education of poor children. The letter also includes details of poor children being `seduced' from the `true' faith. The letter lists the qualities needed in a parish priest in such a parish and names Revd. J Nugent, O P, parish priest, Lisgoold as the most suitable and discusses a pension for Revd. C Nagle. Received before 25 March 1792.
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