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5/ 1910 Scheme for regulation of the charity:
Record of provisions of the will, sale of land, dipersal of house of Rathcoole School and move to Castleknock. Scheme defines trustees, school, and endorsements general provisions.
Lists lands, premises, and hereditament:

1 Perpetual Yearly rent of £247-10-0 out of land in Rathcoole, Bergy of Upper Cross by indenture 1888. Trustees John La Touche.

2 3 perpetual Yearly rents, £49-0-4 from Rathcoole, 3 indentures.

3 Lands which trustees sell out of Land Purchase Acts.

4a Premises Rathcoole by lease 7 November 1860 to Richard Kelly
4b Premises Rathcoole by yearly agreement 29 June 1896, Edward Senior
4c Premises Rathcoole by 29 June 1896, Sophia Senior
4d Premises Rathcoole held by Celbridge, Rural District Council
4e Premises Rathcoole by lease 1 July 1902
4f Premises Rathcoole by lease 1 July 1902 to Edward Spear.

5 Perpetual Yearly rent of £140 Jervis Street and Mary Street.

6 Houses in Mary Street, Capel Street, Abbey Street, Byrne by indenture, 1742.

7 Land in Woolton, no date.

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Date1742; 1860; 1888; 1896; 1902; 1910
Century19th, 20th

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