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These papers, mainly mid-19th century, relate to the estate of the Fitzpatrick family, sometime Earls of Upper Ossory. They include details of the provision made for the Ladies Ann and Gertrude Fitzpatrick, daughters of the 2nd Early of Ossory, and their business affairs, 1837-1842 [S6/17/2-4]; also details of the marriage settlements of John Wilson Fitzpatrick and Augusta Mary Douglas, 1830 [S6/17/14], and of Lady Castletown's annuity, 1877 [S6/17/15-16]; details of the marriage settlement of Augusta Fitzpatrick, 1850 [S6/17/17019], and of Augusta (Fitzpatrick) Dawson's inheritance on the death of her husband, 1855 [S6/17.21-16] and of the agreement on the marriage of Gertrude Fitzpatrick to Edward Skeffington Randal Smyth, 1852 [S6/17/27-29]. Other items include copy will of Lois Brereton (nee Price) and related documents, 1840 [S6/17/76-79], and copy draft deed of release from trusts of settlement drawn up on the marriage of James Price and Jane Morton of Clonmel, 1851 [S6/17/80].

The papers also contain numerous references to the legal affairs of female members of the Fitzpatrick, Senior, Price, Douglas, Drought and other families, together with two letters from John Robinson Price to Thomas Franks about his sister-in-law's need for a 'steady servant fit to attend a single lady, to mind a pair of horses for her, and to make herself useful in my house, where this lady resides at present', for annual wages of £12 and 'full cloths' [S6/17/101].

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