CollectionKavanagh Collection

Personal Correspondence of Peter Kavanagh:
Kav/C/42/A Includes correspondence between Peter Kavanagh and Annie and Mary (sisters), 1971-1972.

Kav/C/42/C Correspondence between Peter Kavanagh and Cecilia, no date.

Kav/C/43/B Correspondence with Hillary Bonner in connection with her research on Patrick's works for her thesis. Replies from Peter provide information on 'The Green Fool', 'Ploughman and other poems' and 'A Soul for Sale', 1973-1974.

Kav/C/43/C Copies of solicitor's letters to Cecilia in reply to her enquiries regarding the administration of Patrick's estate and property and the copyright to his works, 19 November 1971.
Letter from Peter to Cecilia in which he refers to the plot, concerning the building of two parish halls, which Patrick had filleted from Tarry Flynn, 13 February 1973.
Letter from Peter to Cecilia divulging the identity of Fr Matt in 'Why Sorrow', 20 February 1973.

Kav/C/43/M Letter from Peter to Deirdre Manifold, in which he refers to 'a couple' of Patrick's unfinished novels which he has decided to leave as they are, 28 February 1973. (5 files)

Kav/C/44/A Correspondence with Annie, Mary and Cecilia, 1974-1976.

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