CollectionRoscrea Poor Law Union

Letters from the Poor Law Commissioners and Local Government Board:

June 1839-October 1844

November 1844-December 1845

January 1846-April 1848

April 1848-January 1849

January 1949-June 1849

June 1849-June 1850

June 1850-February 1851

February 1851-October 1851

October 1851-March 1852

March 1852-August 1852

August 1852-September 1853

September 1853-April 1854

April 1854-October 1854

October 1854-June 1855

September 1855-May 1857

May 1857-September 1860

October 1860-December 1862

January 1863-May 1863

May 1863-December 1864

January 1864-June 1864

June 1864-December 1864

January 1865-June 1865

July 1865-December 1865

January 1866-July 1866

July 1866-December 1866

January 1867-June 1867

January 1869-December 1869

January 1872-December 1872

January 1873-December 1873

January 1875-December 1875

January 1877-December 1877

January 1880-December 1880

January 1882-December 1882

February 1886-December 1888

December 1885; October 1893-October 1890

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