CollectionMansion House Fund for Relief of Distress in Ireland
Collection DescriptionSuccessive failures of harvests from 1877 – 1879 led to widespread devastation and hunger, historically known as the "little famine" of 1880. The work of the fund was administered by a voluntary central committee and moneys were raised in Europe, North America, India and Australia. It was an all-Ireland relief fund with over 800 local committees set up in the thirty-two counties, of which membership of clergy of all denominations and poor-law medical officers was a pre-requisite. The central committee provided funds to voluntary committees who distributed in kind, supplying Indian Meal, turf and clothes to the most needy. The "Little Famine" lasted a comparatively short time, autumn 1880 yielded a good harvest and the Mansion House Fund was no longer required for the relief of distress. It was wound up in December of that year [DCLA].
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DescriptionCh1/12/19 Letter from Bridget White, seeking relief, 20 January 1880.
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Part of a bundle of thirty-two letters received from private persons resident in Dublin, describing the distress experienced by them and requesting financial assistance from Mansion House Fund. 

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