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Convent of Poor Clares Cavan and Ballyjamesduff:

5: Various deeds about the property of the Poor Clares convent, Cavan, they relate to the leasing and purchase of lands, 1787-1864.

6: Deed of rent charge to Ellen McEnearney, first Reverend Mother of Ballyjamesduff convent, 1860.

7: Account of financial state of the convent, September 1930-October 1936, detailing the clearing of debts, expenditure on building work and annual expenses.

8: Correspondence and other documents about the amalgamation of the Poor Clare convents of Cavan, Ballyjamesduff and Newry. Includes a copy of the constitution of the Poor Clares (1932) and a letter from Sean MacEntee, Minister of Local Government and Public Health, to Bishop Lyons about a report on the fire at St Joseph's Orphanage, Cavan, 1939-1944.

9: Newspaper cuttings about the fire at St Joseph's Orphanage, Cavan, 1943.

10: Letter from Seán MacEntee, Minister of Local Government and Public Health, to Bishop Lyons, concerning the establishment of a Tribunal of Inquiry into the St Joseph's Orphanage fire and a copy of the published 'Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry' into the fire at St Joseph's Orphanage Main Street, Cavan, 1943.

11: Letters and telegrams of sympathy sent to Bishop Lyons on the occasion of the fire in the orphanage of the Poor Clares, Cavan (in which 36 children died). 1943.

12: Correspondence about the building of St Joseph's Industrial school after the fire in 1943. Includes correspondence between Bishop Lyons and the Department of Education concerning grant aid and lists of subscriptions to raise money for the school. 1943-1946.

13: Correspondence concerning a bequest from the Newell estate, New South Wales, Australia for Catholic and Protestant orphans of Cavan. 1953-1956.

14: Souvenir booklet about the Poor Clare convent on the occasion of its centenary celebration in 1961.

15: Writings on the history of the Ballyjamesduff convent, including a copy of the history of the convent, includes a copy of the recollections of Mother Abbess Mary Clare Sheriden.

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Date1787-1864; 1930-1956; 1961
Century18th, 19th, 20th

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