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ReferenceBishops, 1625-1910

Bishop Patrick Lyons, 1937-1949:

12: Film Censorship.
Papers relating to the censorship of films including newspaper articles by Robert S. Devane SJ, letters to Bishop Lyons from Robert S. Devane SJ, a letter to Bishop Lyons from G. Boland, minister for Justice and various reports including Proposals for a censorship code in Eire and Memorandum on film Censorship presented to the Minister of Justice, Éire, and the Interdepartmental committee on the cinema industry by the Bishop of Ardagh and the Bishop of Kilmore (1939). 1939-1941.

13: Confidential circular relating to the Press.
Confidential circular entitled 'The Press and Faith and Morals: An Outline of the Position as it is Today', which analyses British and Irish magazines and newspapers from a Catholic viewpoint. 1940.

19: Establishment of convent on Holy Trinity Island.
Correspondence between Bishop Patrick Lyons, Philip Smith, solicitor and St Joseph's convent, Staffordshire, England about the purchase of land for the establishment of a convent of the Sisters of St Joseph of Bordeaux. 1947-1949.

Hierarchy Meetings
28: Bishops' Meetings, Maynooth
Mainly letters and reports submitted to meetings of the hierarchy relating to adoptions, and the 'Mother and Child' scheme, and other issues. 1947-1951.

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