CollectionMoorehead Letters
Description1988:97 a-d 2 undated letters b, 'Dear Martha', tells of an Orange march in Newbliss also notes 'that the Irish clergy of both denominations are a great cause of the hatred and animosity..' signed 'Little Sue'. C1, C2 undated letters, general home news also notes 'unfortunately too few clergymen of either denomination are preachers of peace'. D1, D2 undated, general news from Annamakerig. Signed 'Little Sue'.
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Letters to Miss Martha Moorehead. Martha Moorehead later became Martha Power and was grandmother to Mrs Hubert (Susan) Butler and Tyrone Guthrie, late of Annamakerig. A number of the original letters are in the possession of the museum and this letter is among them, but the bulk have been deposited in Trinity College Dublin library. Photocopies of the letters that have been transferred are available in Monaghan Museum.

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