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1988: 99 a - h b1-2 undated letter re Nat's impending arrival. C1-2 undated letter re Martha's ill health; d, undated letter, family news. E1, undated letters assistance being given t people emigrating, 'Ellen McGonnel is sadly disappointed with expectations of going to the land of promise Biddy McMahon sent £5 to take her sister Catherine out, but that sum will not be sufficient. Mary Daly is married to a shoemaker in New York. They say that Pety is in N[ew] York and doing very well. I think master Pety has played me a shabby trick. He might by this time have returned the £5 I lent him'. F1-2, undated letters, re news of electioneering in America. G, undated letter re land clearances and reprisals taken. 'The only news I have to tell you of this neighbourhood is, that James Wright, and his sister (not Sally Ann) are both in jail. She for burning the house in which she lived, and from which her father and ? Were ejected by Mr Phillips, and James for burning John Murray's house, and threatening to shoot Mr Phillips'. H printed circular notice 'Royal Irish Art Union', The 1847 Distribution of Prizes'.

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Letters to Miss Martha Moorehead. Martha Moorehead later became Martha Power and was grandmother to Mrs Hubert (Susan) Butler and Tyrone Guthrie, late of Annamakerig. A number of the original letters are in the possession of the museum and this letter is among them, but the bulk have been deposited in Trinity College Dublin library. Photocopies of the letters that have been transferred are available in Monaghan Museum.

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