DescriptionBox 6 contains documents relating to Skiddy's Almshouse, for example, an account with Bernard Dooly and Son, for one year to 31 December 1957, leases, grants to the almshouse and other legal documents, bills for work done, for example, John Fitzgerald, contractor, 13 Kysers Hill, off Frenche's Quay, Cork, 25 January 1945, for repairs carried out, accounts with Cork corporation, 1721-1807.
Handwritten petitions to the Trustees of Skiddy's almshouse for help, for example, a petition on behalf of Grace Webb, a woman past labour and without family `intreats the kindness of the Trustees to take her friendless situation into consideration,' no date. A number of these petitioners are widows, for example, Hannah Dunne, widow of the late Sergeant Dunne of the City of Cork Militia, unable to work due to `her age and distressed State' begs for a room or part of the room in the almshouse, no date.
AccessBy prior appointment
Date1721-1807; 1945; 1957
Century18th, 19th, 20th

Part of a collection of documents discovered in the attic of a premises in Daunt Square Cork.

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