CollectionLetters to Kate Kelly on Irish political prisoners
DescriptionLetters to Mrs Bartels and Miss Kelly from prisoners and their relations and friends recounting prison conditions, visits, fellow prisoners, etc. Collection includes letter from G B Shaw about European political alignments and Ireland, statement on Constance de Markievicz, in solitary confinement. Also letters from Eva Gore Booth, Kate O'Brien, William O'Brien, Mary MacSwiney and others. The bulk of the collection is from Mrs Maud Griffith, wife of Arthur, on a variety of subjects: Count Plunkett's long-windedness; portraits painted by Miss Solomons and Lily Williams; Irish Film Company's first production 'O'Neill of the Glens' from a story by Mrs M Pender, with some of the company from the Abbey; her 'first and last' public appearance; her husband's speaking tours of the country, his arrest and rearrest and eventual death; behaviour of the Black and Tans; Dublin in 1922. 1 file and 50 letters.
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