CollectionPapers of Fr Matthew Russell, SJ (1834 - 1912)

47 December 1883 -5 January 1901. A file of letters from Sir Charles Gavan Duffy to Fr Russell. Refers to Davis's letters and asks Fr Russell to send him proofs. Refers to Mrs Frances O'Hagan (wife of Judge O'Hagan) 'Mrs O'Hagan's grief for her father is natural for there were few such fathers - But heaven has left her a husband to console her for the [ ] loss'. Remarks that he is leaving Nice '...for good and all in June as we prefer to spend next winter on seeing Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice which my wife has never seen.' Refers to the 'Irish Monthly' and encourages Fr Russell to consider advertising the 'Irish Monthly' in other Journals 'I mentioned before that the habit of not advertising the contents is a great impediment to success'. Continues 'I agree.. .that you cannot enlarge the IM (the 'Irish Monthly') at its present price, but you can attain the same end (of having more room for good contributors) by rigidly excluding inferior ones.' Refers to poems by 'Mary of Cork' (Ellen Mary Downing, Presentation Sisters) and remarks that he will send two volumes of her poetry which he describes ' great a treasure trove as the O'Connell papers.' Remarks that he has never had time to publish these poems. In a postscript Duffy remarks that the work of 'Mary of Cork' ' not merely as Irish but almost as individual as Thomas Davis.' Refers again to the poems and literary works of 'Mary of Cork'. Remarks 'I entreat you do not attempt to print from the original MS. Her writing is more illegible than mine and there are ever painful misprints in the letters you published from my MS.' Remarks that he has many of her letters. Refers to Thomas Davis and remarks that his family have sent a box of his literary work and correspondence to Sir Charles Gavan Duffy. Remarks 'If you have any contributor well acquainted with Irish music I could send you the materials for an important paper on that subject for the IM as I do not at all understand it'. Describes how he wishes to publish material, primarily letters to and from notable people. Remarks '...I would propose to publish those of some permanent interest... .They might be called the Young Ireland papers.' (19 December 1887). Informs Fr Russell that he attempted to sell some documents (which he describes as Irish Curios) but finally decided to donate them to the Irish Academy '...where they would be accessible to Irish students'. Asks Fr Russell ' ascertain if they are exhibited in a manner you consider satisfactory and if printed lists of the curios of which half a dozen were sent to the Academy are placed near them for consultation. Refers to the Treasury of lrish Poetry and remarks that there are a number of errors which would have been avoided if Fr Russell had been consulted, 23 items.


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Date1883; 1887; 1901
Century19th, 20th

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