CollectionPapers of Revd Dr Charles William Russell (1812-1880)

32 [ ] 1869 A file of letters from M.I. Bliss (wife of William H Bliss), Oxford, to Dr Charles Russell concerning the faith that her children should be brought up in. Remarks that her husband wishes all of the children to be brought up Roman Catholic '...he is about to remove Mary our eldest child altogether from my care. Continues 'As to the boys it is another matter - I wish to be quite fair and just -and it is right that my husband should have some and it seems natural that he should have the boys - while the girls who need a mother's care so much should be left to me. Why should I have to go lonely to Church for the rest of my life?', 2 items.

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Letters written to Dr Charles Russell (1851 - 1889).

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