CollectionBellew Papers
DescriptionLarge collection includes letters to and from Mary Bellew, nee Dillon: to her husband 'Dear heart, Doe not you believe Vines, nor doe not relie upon him at all, for hee is married to a Galway woman...I am troubled that you doe not writt to mee what promises you have of him as Concerning his religion' (1662), and an angry letter denying any debt to the addressee from ? 'as for you to Challenge my mother for mony, it was not the first tyme you wronged her & your own hand will wittnesse it in this particular, you pretend you have a great Care of her soule, but any that has eys may see through;..' (no date 17th century).

Chr[istopher] Dillon Bellew to his wife, Olivia - 'his Darling Livy'..'Reflect within yourself how far you wo'd Claim Strict Justice or Extend Tenderness to the Foibles of a Man to Whom you are Indebted for former Kindness and at a time you stood as An Orphan..' (1796). Mainly family and domestic matters to his wife at various addresses in Dublin; Olivia to her son at school in Dublin, who has written to her after a silence of five months (1834).

There is a list , Manuscripts Collection List no 33, available for this collection.
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Date1662; 1796; 1834
Century17th, 18th, 19th
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