CollectionPapers of Judge John O'Hagan (1822-1890)
Description33 20 February -28 May 1893. Letters to Mrs O'Hagan from the poet Aubrey Thomas de Vere. Includes letter thanking Mrs O'Hagan for sending him a copy of Joan of Arc, a book written by her late husband and published posthumously in 1893. 'It is a delightful memorial of one who will be regarded with affection and deep regret by all who knew him, but especially by those who knew him so long and intimately as I did. The slender vol(ume) bears many marks that are characteristic of him, and reminded me of him, especially those which illustrate his union of a zealous love and admiration for [ ] [Good], with strict justice to all, and a strict [abstinence] from factions[hip] and party spirit.... This is indeed, as you remark, the proper time for such a work to appear - when the Beatification of Joan is under consideration.' Also refers to the O'Hagan family home, Gleneveena in Howth - 'The day is so bright that it makes me think how lovely that view which you used to have before your windows at Howth must be looking. I wonder whether you often go out to Howth to see it again: but I can easily imagine that Dublin is a better residence for you as you can there do so much more good'. Refers to Mrs O'Hagan's gift of Gleneveena to the Religious Sisters of Charity -'It is a noble purpose, the very noblest to which it could be dedicated; It is a most appropriate act of thanksgiving for the Past, and in the future it will perpetuate his memory in connection with all that was dearest to him - yourself and that great Catholic Church with which his heart was always so closely wedded. That enchanting view on which his eyes so often rested will rest the eyes of many an sorrowful invalid for centuries to come... I am glad that the new convent will have the name "Stella Maris". As it flashes over that beautiful blue sea it will brighten the heart of many an Irish mariner at sunrise...', 2 items.
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Death of O'Hagan, 1890-1894.

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