CollectionPapers of Fr. Peter Finlay, SJ (1851 - 1929)

7 Type Settlement and copy settlement
Parties: Evelyn Egan, Sion Hill Convent, Blackrock, County Dublin, Spinster 1st part.
Revd. Peter Finlay, Multown Park, Milltown, County Dublin, Daniel Purcell, 45 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin, Solicitor 2nd part.
Terms: Miss Egan appoints Purcell and Fr Finlay as trustees and transfers £436 4% debenture stock of the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland Company to the trustees, to be held by them, subject to the following conditions: they shall pay one-fifth of the annual income of the trust fund to the parish priest of Tullamore, County Offaly and one fifth to the Superioress of the Tullamore Convent of Mercy, for the furnishing and upkeep of the parish church 'now being erected in the town of Tullamore', one-fifth annually to the St Vincent de Paul Society, one-fifth to the 'Police Aided Childrens' Clothing Society in the City of Dublin for its general purposes' and one-fifth to the Homestead District Nursing Association of No 22 Lincoln Place. If Miss Egan withdraws at any time from the Dominican Order she shall be at liberty to revoke all or any of the trusts, and the trustees shall transfer the trust fund to her, 26 April 1905, 5 membranes.

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