CollectionReligious Sisters of Charity
Collection DescriptionMother Mary Aikenhead founded the Religious Sisters of Charity. The archive contains about 350 archival boxes of material. The archive contains substantial relating to Mother Aikenhead, her correspondence and material associated with her life, her Cause and her cult. The correspondence is divided into Mary Aikenhead's own letters (A) and those written to her or to others (B).

The archives are divided along the following lines:

Series 1 - Mary Aikenhead:
1 A) Letters from Mother Mary Aikenhead:
1 B) Letters to Mother Mary Aikenhead
1 C) Books and Ms documents used by Mother Mary Aikenhead and contemporaries

2. Cause
3. Cult
4. Favours Received
5. Constitutions
6. General Chapters
7. Superiors General
8. Bursars General
9. Secretary General
10. Ecclesiastical Authorities
11. Provinces and Regions
12. Australia
13. Formation
14. Apostolate
15. 1) Annals
2) Commemorations
3) Publications
4) Press cuttings
5) Photographs
 6) Relics/artefacts
7) Audio-visual material
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The Archive contains books and manuscript documents used by Mother Aikenhead. 

Papers of Mary Aikenhead, Spiritual Formation, RSCG/1/C/1-65. Contains, for example:

C/1: Manuscript notebook in Mother Catherine Walsh's hand containing meditations for retreats dated 13 July 1813 and 29 November 1813, together with considerations on the principle virtues of Blessed John Francis Regis, 23 January 1814, c.160 pages.

C/4: Advice and reflections upon the duties of a religious state to animate those who have embraced it to comply with their vocation and prayer, pages 1-106 in Catherine Walsh's hand, pages 107-174 in the hand of Mary Aikenhead.

C/15: Diary of the early years of the congregation by Sr M. Catherine Walsh with true manuscript copy 1816-1824., 60 pages.

C/12: Notebook containing ceremonials for the clothing and profession of the Religious Sisters of Charity, 1815.

C/37: Part of a meditation for a sister about to make her profession. Unsigned. Postmarked Cork and addressed to Mary Aikenhead, 12 December 1835.

C/44: Devotion to the Holy Angels translated from the French by H.M. Boudon, Dublin Richard Grace, 1837.

C/48: Memoirs of Miss Nano Nagle and the Ursuline and Presentation Orders in Ireland by the Rev. Dominick Murphy, Cork, J. Roche, 1845. Cardboard cover inscriber to Mother M.

C/55: 1848 Manual of the Sisters of Charity, inscribed 'My dear Mary Anne Accept as an assurance that the Sisters of Charity will not fail to pray for your constant welfare, Yours affect[ately] in J.C., Mary Aikenhead September 1850.

C/62: Original manuscript sermons of Dr Murray, c.153 items.

Other books and manuscript material includes:

C/66: Meditation - for those who are devoted to the care of the Poor and Sick, printed, 4 pages, copied from manuscript in Mary Aikenhead's writing.

C/68: A few words addressed by the Rev. Dr Miley to two young ladies before making their vows as Sisters of Charity, September 1 1842. Dublin, John Browne, 1842, 15 pages.

C/69: Register of special intentions or notebook containing registry of special intentions, March 1850 to July 1865.

C/71: Manuscript notebook of prayers an reflections.

C/74: Selection of individual spiritual notes by Mother Mary Aikenhead.

C/78: Original probate of the last will and testament of Mary Aikenhead granted to Helena McCarthy on 9 December 1858, with office copy and copy will grant extracted in 1906.

B/489 Accounts in Mary Aikenhead's hand, unbound, includes income and expenditure account, records income from dowers, donations, property and legacies, etc., 1818-1828. From 1828 records in paragraphs financial transactions 1818-1834, 10 pages.

B/492 Rough day grocery and medicinal account book. 1 Household, 22 pages. April 1827-January 1830. Records the expenditure on food, medicine, clothing, mainly fish, meat, bread and milk.

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