CollectionReligious Sisters of Charity
Collection DescriptionMother Mary Aikenhead founded the Religious Sisters of Charity. The archive contains about 350 archival boxes of material. The archive contains substantial relating to Mother Aikenhead, her correspondence and material associated with her life, her Cause and her cult. The correspondence is divided into Mary Aikenhead's own letters (A) and those written to her or to others (B).

The archives are divided along the following lines:

Series 1 - Mary Aikenhead:
1 A) Letters from Mother Mary Aikenhead:
1 B) Letters to Mother Mary Aikenhead
1 C) Books and Ms documents used by Mother Mary Aikenhead and contemporaries

2. Cause
3. Cult
4. Favours Received
5. Constitutions
6. General Chapters
7. Superiors General
8. Bursars General
9. Secretary General
10. Ecclesiastical Authorities
11. Provinces and Regions
12. Australia
13. Formation
14. Apostolate
15. 1) Annals
2) Commemorations
3) Publications
4) Press cuttings
5) Photographs
 6) Relics/artefacts
7) Audio-visual material
16 Houses


The following gives an indication of the material available:

14/1/1: 4 manuscript pages of instruction on how to begin an infant school, no date [c.1870].

14/1/4: Correspondence with the hierarchy and the office of National Education about the recognition by the latter of the teacher training course for Sisters in St Mary's Hall, Mount St Anne's, Milltown. Includes syllabus, timetable, list of Sisters, and summer exam papers, 9 October 1911-1914.

14/1/5: War bonus, correspondence with the Office of national Education, the Irish National Teacher's Organisation, the Dublin Central Teacher's Association and school managers about the entitlement of lay assistants to part of the war bonus allocated to convnet national schools, 21 October 1916-26 March 1921.

14/1/5a: Teaching, typescript and manuscript letters to the Superior General from Robert Browne, Bishop of Cloyne about the views of the Episcopal Standing Committee in relation to Sisters sitting the National Board Exams , registering with the National Board and entering training colleges with secular students, 7 January-7 February 1918.

14/2/4: Correspondence between the Superior General, Sr Agnes Gertrude Chamberlaine, and John Blowick, Superior, Maynooth Mission to China, on the training by the Congregation of the first postulants of the Missionary Sisters of st Columban at Clifton House, Cahircan, County Clare, 1921-1924.

11/1/32: 'A Journey of the Heart: From Dublin, Ireland to Chikuni, Zambia 28th September-28th October 1948' (Diary, printed by the Sisters of Charity).

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Century19th, 20th

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