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An Erasmus Smith School, Aclare 'English School' in County Sligo opened c1886. The collection, which is listed, contains correspondence relating to the opening of the school with thanks of local figures to trustees (the Trust often contributed towards the cost of building, equipping and maintaining a school); the appointment of teachers and negotiation of pay; list of school requisites; appointment of inspectors; raising of funds.

Nomination forms relating to the appointment of Miss M.J. Rutledge as teacher at Aclare [no.5], 18 June 1886.

Letter from Edward Symons, local minister, to secretary to the Board. 'He is pleased the Board has agreed that he should let the land at Aclare in order to raise the teacher's supplemented salary', 21 June, 1886.

There are 129 items in total.

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Century19th, 20th
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