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ES/1094 Letter to the (?secretary) to the trustees: 'Lord Massareene has just returned to Antrim for a few days and he has promised £10 p.a. towards the male and female schools', 6 February 1873 [number 19]

ES1119 Letter from William Goodall [the male teacher] to the Board complaining of Mrs Chambers, the mother of the Schoolmistress at Antrim. Goodall and his wife refuse to speak to her because of her 'repeated drunkenness'. 'The Sabbath is desecrated by the violence of her tongue through drink and I have seen her fall on the street of Antrim near the School house', 19 August 1875.

ES1118 Another letter of the same day from the Rev. Holmes explains that the families of the master and mistress in Antrim are hostile towards each other. The fault lies not with the two teachers but with their relatives. 'Their houses are unfortunately contiguous, and I am informed that previous masters and mistresses have not lived on good terms with one another'.

ES1145 Doctor's certificate stating that Mrs Lizzie Molyneux will be unlikely to be able to continue teaching at Antrim, due to the illness of her baby, 4 January 1878.

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Among records for Erasmus Smith Trust School in Antrim - contains letters relating to appointments and funding.

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