ReferenceZ1/1/13(104,106,107 108)

Pamphlets: 'The Gentlemen's Apology to the ladies for their being disappointed at the Play-House on Wednesday the 11th of February, 1746-7 ' [(107) 2 pages printed]

'The Ladies Answer to the Gentlemen's Apology..' by 'Rowe's Fair Penitent' [(104) 2 pages printed]

'Reflections of a Gentleman in the County on the present Theatrical Disturbances' [(106) 2 pages printed]

Refers to the dispute as between 'Mr E.K., a Gentleman...[who] cannot be excused , for offering rudeness to an Actress' and Mr Sheridan, a Player.
'Since Women first appeared upon the Stage, young Fellows have been allowed to practise too many indecent Freedoms with them'.'

A State of Mr Sheridan's Case' [(108 2 pages printed] .

The gentlemen required a certain actor to apologise to the ladies for 'his Train of continued Insults on the Town, and his many Schemes to set Mankind by the Ears, ..'. The author of the ladies' response disagrees that the actor has offered any insult, and notes that he gives more Charity plays 'than have ever been given in one Winter, by any Manager here..' The ladies accuse the gentlemen of behaving badly on the night in question, and defend the actor [presumably Mr Sheridan]: 'I fear some of you will make but so-so Husbands; when you do not please to be diverted yourselves, you'll not let us be either.'


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