L. Information relating to lay organisations, for example:

L.1 Apostolic work.

L.2 Belfast Catholic Institute from 1859.

L.3 Catholic Trust Society.

L.5 Guild of Ss. Cosmas and Damian.

L.6 Cathecists' Convert Guild.

L.7 Catholic Marriage Advisory Council/Service.

L.9 Catholic Drama.

L.10 Catholic Deaf and Dumb Association.

L.11 Catholic Girl Guides.

L.13 Legion of Mary.

L.15 Catholic Nurses Guild.

L.16 Pioneer Association.

L.17 An Rioghacht.

L.19 Saint Vincent de Paul Society, including the Seamen's Institute and Prisoners' Aid).

L.20 Young Christian Worker.

L.21 Pax Romana.

L.23 Workers' College.

L.24 Opus Dei

L.25 Family Rosary Crusade

L.26 League for Prayer for the canonisation of Oliver Plunkett.

L.27 Catholic Family Movement.

L.28 Conference of Catholic Organisations.

L.29 Catholic Social Conference.

L.30 Belfast Housing Aid Society.

L.31 Lay Retreat Organisation.

L.32 Unio Catholica

L.33 Social Study Circles, 1932-1934.

L.34 Minority Rights Association.

L.35 Central Citizens' Defence Committee.

L.36 Association for Legal Justice.

L.37 Eucharistic Legion/League of Daily Mass.

L.38 Confraternities, including, for example:
(i) Archconfraternity of Sacred Heart
(ii) Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
(iii) Rosary Confraternity
(iv) Association of Miraculous Medal.

L.39 International Catholic Girls' Protection Society.

L.40 Diocesan Pastoral Council.


L.42 Latin Mass Association.

L. 43 Association of Saint Joseph the Worker.

L.45 Down and Connor Benefit (Friendly) Society, 1932.

L.46 Newman Society.

L.47 Charismatic Renewal.

L.48 Catholic Information Centre.

L.49 Ancient Order of Hibernians.

L.50 Itinerants/Travellers.

L.51 Trocaire.

L.52 Commission on Family Life.

L.53 LIFE and SPUC (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child).

L.54 Italian Society.

L.55 Maria Duce and Fiat.

L.56 Catholic Social Welfare Bureau.

L.57 Engaged Encounter.

L.58 Family Care Society.

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Date1859; 1832-1934
Century19th, 20th

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