PX. Information relating to separate parishes, individually listed, including announcement books, baptism and marriage books etc. For example:

PX.3 Antrim Catholic Chapel, includes announcement books 1927-1934 and the minutes of the Hall Committee, 1959-1962.
PX.3/b Saint Joseph's, Antrim, including announcements 1985-1992.

PX.7 Ballyclare, including, for example:
PX.7/2 Baptism and Marriage Register 1869-1928.

PX.10 Ballyphilip, Portaferry including, for example:
PX.10/3 Christian Doctrine Society, 1912-1914
PX.10/4 Portaferry Catholic Club, no date
PX.10/6 Census books, 1960-1961,1968-77 and 1980
PX.10/7 Sick Call Book, 1963-1979
PX.10/8 Announcement Book, 1971-1974.

PX.11 Bangor and Ballyholme, including, for example:
PX.11/1 Lists of relief cases, 1896-1920
PX.11/2 Notebook recording confirmations on register, 1917-1942 and a death register, 1918-1945
PX.11/5 Record of mixed marriages in the parish, c1930
PX.11/8 Catholic Trust Society meetings, 1925-1930
PX.11/16 Bangor Sunday School Girls, 1947-1954
PX.11/22 First Communion Girls 1952-1959.

PX.38 Ballymena and Cregbilly, including, for example:
PX.38/5 Parish wills and legacies of All Saint's Church, Ballymena.

PX.39 Larne, including, for example:
PX.39/2 Letter regarding Charles McGael and Elizabeth Montgomery Charities
PX.39/6 Census returns, 1950-1960.

PX.43 Newcastle, including, for example:
PX.43/12 Confraternity of Sacred Heart, 1955-1957
PX.43/14 Offertory Campaign Minutes, 1964-1965
PX.43/15 Census, 1955.

PX.44 Newtownards, including, for example:
PX.44/5 Records of those buried in Killysuggan graveyard 1902-1938.

PX.50 Saintfield, including, for example:
PX.50/1 A register of names of those on whom insufficient information could not be found to fulfil the conditions of the Ne Temere decree
PX.50/2-3 Announcement books, January 1953-December 1963.

PX.52 Skerry (Glenravel), including, for example:
PX.52/12 Records of births, baptisms, 1917-1942
PX.52/13 Announcement books, 1921-1972
PX.52/18 Census books 1938-1970
PX.52/20 Register of sick calls, 1948-1953, 1959-1981 and 1984.

PX.57 Saint Joseph's, Belfast including, for example:
PX.57/9 Announcement books, 1922-1975 (not conclusive)
PX.57/13 Parish Committee Minutes, 1961
PX.57/15 Sick call book 1950-1954.

PX.65 Saint James', Whiteabbey, including, for example:
PX.65/1 Offertory Parish Committee minutes, 1964-1980
PX.65/10 Documents relating to the purchase of land for a new convent 1984-1985.

PX.69 Saint Mary's on the Hill, Glengormley, including, for example:
PX.69/1 Church file, 1896-1954
PX.69/3-4 Saint Vincent de Paul Conference minutes, 1928-1934
PX.69/10 Announcement books 1948-1953.

PX.82 Sacred Heart, Belfast including, for example:
PX.82/16 Applications for assistance from 1 January 1897 and various minutes from Saint Vincent de Paul Conference 1905-1950 (not conclusive)
PX.82/27-8 Sick call registers, 1932-1936 and 1939-1943.

PX.83 Whitehouse, including, for example:
PX.83/19-20 Sick call books, 1964-1969.

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