CollectionWicklow Papers
DescriptionBiographical notes compiled by Mrs Caroline Hamilton on Mary Tighe, author of 'Psyche', her mother Theodosia Blachford and her father William Blachford, with two drawings, c1825, of Rosanna County Wicklow and Woodstock, County Kilkenny, 'where Mrs Henry Tighe died'.
On the death of Blachford's husband: 'Being now mistress of her own actions, Mrs Blachford retired entirely from the work, and as far as it was consistent with the education of her son & daughter, followed the example of Sa..'s Alixandra...she began with some experience and great ardour, the education of her children. She disapproved of the higher orders wasting their time in plain work by which she considered that they defrauded the industrious poor. Man, she used to say, was born to labour but in different ways -The poor, to supply the rich with the necessities of life & the rich, to gain knowledge for the purpose of disseminating instruction'.
Description of the death of Mary Tighe at Woodstock: 'This country was not scattered, as it now is, with pious ministers & intellectual & refined as she was she was glad to find... a scotch sergeant (whom she believed to be a Christian) to pray with her while her mother read to her'.
Extracts from a journal of 1788-1802, of Mary Blachford born 1772, with observations on the journal by her mother, Mrs Blachford. References to Mary's character 'too fond of admiration', her cough, and to her marriage: 'never did I regard this union but with pain'. A detailed description of her illness and death.
Special Report 476.
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