CollectionWicklow Papers
DescriptionCommonplace book of Caroline Hamilton of Hamwood, County Meath, containing verse (including 'The Convict Ship' by C W Hamilton), and other jottings, 1805-1806: 'I believe ...Gardening to be one of the most innocent pleasures in life as it appears to depend less upon the applause of men that any other'; and 'Are not the great in general uncommonly dull?'.
Journal entries [Possibly not Caroline's?] of September to November, 1797 at Rosanna, including a description of a dinner at Newtown Mount Kennedy and the conversation, and a poem 'Written in the bow room at Rosanna the first time I inhabited it'. Also description of a visit to Mr Penrose's house at Ballycane[?] and his wife's views on a domestic life: 'housewifery, she says, with a sigh, is not to be learnt in a day'.
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