'A List of the Poor in the City of Dublin Work-house from their Several Parishes with their Age & Qualitys, March: 20th day, 1725-6'.

Alphabetical list of parishes and the names of the poor men, women, girls and boys given separately for each, with their condition, for example:
Jane Lee of St Gaudiness Parish, aged 34, a cripple
Mary Moore of the same, aged 48, washes
Sarah Wolf of the same, aged 34, Madd
Bridget Stubbs of the same, aged 15, Kings Evil

'Qualitys': superanuated 30, infirm 26, bedrid 7, Kings-Evil 6, madd 16, fooles 14, blind 9, dumb 4, fitts 3, lame 7, washers 7, and sound children 93. Total 222.

Parishes: St Andrew's; St Audeon's; St Ann's; St Bridgette's; St Catherine's; St John's; St James's; St Michan's; St Michael's; St Mary's; St Nicholas Without; St Nicholas Within (no entries); St Peter's; St Paul's; St Warbrough's; St Luke's.

The preceding few documents in this collection [cxlii-cxlvii] are petitions, a treatise and accounts of an experiment in providing looms for the poor at the Workhouse: 'The poor must eat whither they work or no, but being Employ'd, their work feeds themselves & many other too,'; 'And had the Looms bin Sett up at the Governrs. And Guardians cost, and the poor children etc. Employed in winding & warping, a penny per yard at least, was according to Custom to have bin abated'

See also 'Observations on the present State and Condition of the Workhouse 6th April, 1726' [cxlix].

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