CollectionAdlecron family
DescriptionMrs Meliore Adlercron of Dawson Street, Dublin, general household book with accounts and notes and some journal entries. Contains: list of recommended tradesmen, 'he [James Mayfield, corn factor] keeps a Public House exactly opposite to the Bridge lives in a corner House seven in the Morning the best Hour to go to him, but not on Market Days -'; notes of the births, christenings (with sponsors' names) and deaths of her children. Also smallpox epidemics in Dublin, 'under God I owe the Life of both but particularly of my son John to the skill & assiduity of Doctor Jebb --the smallpox was of so virrulent a nature that 19 children out of twenty died of it'. Later she advertised for the infection for her childrens' inoculation. Deaths of friends and relations also noted, 'Sunday March the 18th 1792 at nine o clock in the morning that Saint Lady Arbella Denny was translated from this World of woe and wickedness--', and brother Walter Bermingham's death, leaving twelve children, after leaping from a phaeton'. Mr Adlercron, presumably her husband, merits only a brief entry, but, 'I thought to be my fastest & tenderest friend - gave my feelings so dreadful a wound as prevents me from wishing ever to trust my happiness in the hands of another--'. Some wills of relations - she was bequeathed Newtown House, Castle Byrne, which she found 'rotten dirty and tumbling down'.
Accounts of building and household expenses, and money given to: 'Poor Miserable Girls Charity', 'Nurse Carney Charity', 'Charity Genteel blind Girl from Kilkenny' [all 1782].
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