CollectionSarah Curran papers
DescriptionTypescript copies of the letters of Sarah Curran, Mrs Henry Sturgeon, 1806-1808 to Anne and Bessie Penrose of Wood Hill Cork, where she had been sheltered when turned out by her father.
Travelling with her new husband from Sicily in 1806 to Tangier, Messina, the period of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign.
Description of shipboard life and storms, scenery and people, musical evenings (she and her husband have brought a harp); memories of past sorrows; pleas for the sisters to join her - 'the friendship of a female is a very chief want' [1806], her pregnancy, and the death of her premature baby, born on board ship, in a violent storm and without assistance, in January 1808. On his death the Sturgeons returned to England where Sarah died at Hythe on 3 May 1808.
Typescript draft text of 'The Voice of Sarah Curran' by Major-General H T MacMullen, privately printed, London 1954. Contains copies of Robert Emmett's letters to Sarah and an account of the 1803 Rising and the facts and legends of her life.
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Date1806-1808; 1803; 1954
Century19th, 20th
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