DescriptionCopy of a diary for the years 1847-1848 [August 1847 to March 1848 missing] by Mrs John Allingham of Ballyshannon, County Donegal.
Covers the period of her pregnancy with her second daughter, she contemplates her possible death 'when I think I might leave him [John] with my poor little Anna Maria and perhaps another - but God is merciful', and the deaths of others. Begins with a shipwreck, continues with the spread of fever 'one hears of nothing now but death and starvation'. Weather 'we had hardly a shower of rain throughout the entire month of July'
Refers to the deaths of O'Conor Don (a heart condition), Daniel O'Connell, a memorial for Dr Stephens. Also to the trial of 'poor Mr Smithe O'Brien' who was sentenced to be hanged at Clonmel.
Mr O'Sullivan [a soldier] 'told me two Roman Catholics had read their recantations at Finner [?] Church to Rev. Mr Potter - How very strange Ignorance of course must be the cause'.
Mainly an account of local events and her society. Her husband John was on the Board of Guardians and a magistrate.
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